Train a Communications Unit Leader or Communications Technician

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Owning/Managing Organization: National Public Safety Telecommunications Council

Program Description: The All-Hazards Communications Unit Leader Course is designed to teach first responders how to lead on-scene emergency communications in their unit by operating the Incident Command System (ICS). The course incorporates lectures and hands-on exercises that promote communication interoperability and problem solving. Emergency response professionals with a communications background are encouraged to sign up.

The All-Hazards Communications Technician Course is designed to teach public safety professionals and support staff to utilize interoperable communications tools, like LMR systems, satellites, computers and data technologies in responding to emergency situations or planned events. The course includes lectures and realistic, hands-on lab activities that allows students to master state-of-the-art communication technologies. Public safety professionals and support personnel with a background in technical communications are encouraged to sign up.

Objectives of Program: The Communications Unit Leader and Communications Technician courses produce knowledgeable public safety professionals capable of using appropriate technologies and/or management skills to coordinate organized responses to situations involving multiple jurisdictions or planned events at the state and local level.

How to Participate: 
Contact your state or territory Statewide Interoperability Coordinator to request the course.
First responders can complete either training course in less than one week.
Contact your agency to request support for communications training.
Sign up for this course as an individual or train with fellow responders in your unit. The Communications Unit Leader course is limited to 30 students. The Communications Technician course is limited to 15 students.