Stream UAV video

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Owning/Managing Organization: TACN FirstNet

Program Description: Capture video of a community event or an emergency situation, like a wildfire or search & rescue operation, using an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Share the video with fellow responders using the Livestream app on your smart phone or tablet.

Objectives of Program: First responders will have access to FirstNet's fast, reliable broadband network that allows for instant communication with public safety workers across the US. Currently, only 60 percent of Tennessee's 50,000 emergency responders actively use TACN's interoperable land mobile radio system. TACN FirstNet wants every public safety professional in Tennessee to not only adopt existing technologies but prepare for the future of advanced communications.

How to Participate: 
Consult your agency and surrounding agencies to obtain a drone. TACN FirstNet encourages responders to share their valuable resources with agencies that may not have the budget to obtain a UAV.
Film digital video of a scene and share it with other responders in an hour.
Drone prices vary widely among public vendors. Your agency must license the drone through the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) at a cost of $5. Agencies can obtain a commercial operator's license through for $150. To learn more about licensing, visit
Work alone or with your fellow responders to learn how to utilize UAVs in your daily response efforts.