Apply for scholarships to improve your agency's LMR network

Owning/Managing Organization: Office of Emergency Communications (OEC) and Association of Public Safety Communications Officials (APCO)

Program Description: Several federal financial assistance programs are available to public safety agencies to foster the enhancement of current LMR emergency communications technologies. APCO International also offers scholarships for all APCO Institute communications courses. Apply for scholarships or grants to support your agency's training efforts. Plan ahead by investing in and installing hardware needed to utilize FirstNet.

Host an APCO course in your area

Owning/Managing Organization: Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials (APCO)

Program Description: The APCO partners with public safety agencies to deliver training courses that meet the needs of a particular community. Agencies can register to co-host an APCO course by promoting the class, providing a classroom and accommodating to students' needs. Agencies can co-host any APCO class. Training disciplines include:

Host a regional mock emergency

Owning/Managing Organization: TACN FirstNet

Program Description: Coordinate with public safety organizations in nearby districts to host a multi-agency "mock" emergency situation, like a tornado, for a public audience. Respond by communicating with participating responders from multiple jurisdictions using FirstNet-approved devices. Invite the public to attend and request public safety advocate groups to table at your event.

Host multi-agency communications training

Owning/Managing Organization: Tennessee Emergency Management Association (TEMA), Office of Emergency Communications (OEC), or Association of Public Safety Communications Officials (APCO)